What is React Native Development?

React Native is an open source framework for creating mobile applications for iOS and Android with help of JavaScript. React Native mobile application has the same codebase for both platforms. This fact allows React Native developer to save time almost twice in comparison with native development.

What is the difference between React Native application and Native application?

In theory - in performance. Despite the fact that UI in React Native apps runs in a separate thread, main thread used for business logic still uses JavaScript. Also some functionality, especially related to low-level hardware, can be hard to achieve or native development will be required. Buy the fact - React Native suits almost 99% of business needs.

What are the benefits of using React Native?

First and foremost - speed of development. Having an application for both iOS and Android you need to develop only one common codebase, not two. Second one - price. As you need to spend less time you need less budget. Third one - JavaScript. It is the one of the most popular languages in the world. It means that it'll be easy for you to support your app.

React Native Development

Crafting mobile applications fast and efficiently

React Native Development Company

Our React native app development company handles full-cycle mobile app development from consulting to publication in AppStore and Google Play, post-launch product support.

To deliver a reliable app we adhere to the following approach:

Requirements clarification

At this stage, we are consulting the Client based on our previous experience and knowledge of what technologies to use to make the product successful on the market.

UX | UI design

The most essential phase in React Native app development.


After the path is clear our mobile app development team starts to transform your application to life. Demo versions are delivered according to the milestones (if required).

Quality Assurance

QA engineers come into the game when the application is ready for almost 90%. We won’t publish any react native application before carefully double-checking that every feature works how it is supposed to.


It takes some time for programs to be validated and approved. Our React native app development company helps to solve all the issues with Apple and Google support as the publication of the app could be tricky.


After release life only begins. We'll stay with you to introduce upgrades and help to grow.

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It's unlikely that react native mobile applications won't need any integrations using 3rd party software to implement business requirements. RN application perfectly works with:



Does your application need to have real-time video chat? Or just record | make a photo from the device Camera? Easily! Our team worked with Video and image processing. Naturally for Video 3rd party services like Agora, Twillio are involved.


Location services

Delivery apps, taxi applications, navigation. Everything is possible. You can build an app that utilizes location services of mobile devices with one codebase.



Our experience includes Cognito, Firebase integrations as the two most widespread Authentication providers. They include out-of-the-box the following ways of authentication: email + password, phone + SMS, Facebook, Google, Apple ID authentication, and much more. If we are going with custom solutions, we will be glad to share our experience in REST API and GraphQL.



If you decide to utilize Firebase it makes sense to use Cloud Firestore for database. In other cases the database is typically hidden beyond API requests.


Push notifications

It can be Firebase Cloud Messaging, Apple Push Notification Service, Pusher, and others.



We prefer Stripe for payment gateway integration. In case it does not fit your needs for some reason - let us know what payment gateway you would like to use.

The list above is not full as it’s impractical to list all the possible varieties of integrations. Just contact us to get a free consultation. Some integrations can be not so obvious but still possible. E.g., AR/VR with the help of Viro we can build an amazing React-native AR/VR application!

Industries we are especially good at

Do not hesitate to contact us if your industry is not on the list. We displayed the most common cases, but there's a lot more to be added.


Webspaceteam is always ready to discuss your business and help to prioritize features to build fully functional MVP.

Social Applications

Connect some groups of people with each other, allow them to chat and start groups, receive push notifications, and much more.

Uber-like Services

Applications that act as a platform to connect buyers and sellers of some good or service between each other.


Using Viro, you can obtain React Native applications for any need.


Mobile games, sports applications, content distribution, and other features that take user experience into another dimension.

Health and Wellness

Everything related to sport. It includes but not is limited to sport activity trackers, gym challenging service, self-training applications.

Hire your React Native development team

If you or your organization need a digital service and you have no in-house app programmers to do it - our React Native app development company is here to help! Outsource development to WebSpaceTeam is a solid way to get the program done within the budget and terms stated. You are also guaranteed a great quality, which might not be the case with a specially hired React developer through Upwork or with individual freelancers. Some reasons why:

Personal project manager

You will have one person who is in charge of everything in the venture. Even if only one specialist will be involved.


Programmers cannot build the entire application without other specialists. You still need a design, some back-end part, QA. We have in-house experts to provide you with all the services that might be needed.

Transparent process

Before we even start, you already will know the approach we are going to work with, as well as the milestones, deliverables, and deadlines. In addition, you will get weekly updates from your project manager.


We provide a warranty on each of our projects. Warranty term varies from project to project.


After the project is launched, you probably will need more features and feature-set. We are happy to prolong our partnership.


This paragraph is intended for technical specialists. We use one of three flows: Expo, Bare approach, Fastlane app-building automation.

Expo is an awesome tool when all your business needs can be satisfied by the Expo components library (it is awesome, but some things like WebRTC support are missing). It is a good flow of mobile development to start with. You always can 'eject' your project and work with the Bare approach.

React Native bare workflow is the most flexible one: you can work with native modules, create your extensions that work with the device hardware, etc. The thing is that you will have to make builds and upload them to App Store and Google Play manually.

Fastlane is an awesome automation tool. In fact, it allows you to combine all advantages of Expo with Bare workflow. You can automate your building process, uploading, etc., and configure notifications e.g. in the Slack channel! React Native CI | CD also possible with Fastlane. You can get more info on how to configure Fastlane for iOS test flight releases in our article.

QA can be tricky, especially for iOS. In our programming team, we upload the builds to TestFlight. In most cases delivery to test flight of react native app automated by Fastlane. It allows us easily to share beta releases with our Clients. Btw, Testflight is the only possible option with the Expo approaches.

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Cooperation models


Time and Materials (T&M)

We charge you only for the time that app developers spent on your project. It fits more complex projects, when it's hard or even impossible to define the exact scope of work or when the risks of changing requirements are too high. It's also good for ongoing support after the main phase of the project is finished.


Fixed Price (FP)

The project is developed within a fixed budget. The budget is based on a specific scope of work. It works well if there's a detailed specification of features required and there is no risk that the requirements will be changed during our collaboration.

So why hire us for React Native Development

Webspaceteam is ready to adjust to your timezone. Our working hours are flexible, meaning that depending on what time zone the client is in, our team adapts its schedule. We have experienced lots of successful outcomes of our partnerships with various remote companies (even with San Francisco never mind 11 hours’ time difference).

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All reviewers give us a perfect score. We are proud of it and trying to do our job with A1 quality.

Fast kickoff

Typically, it takes 3-4 days from contract signing to starting UX|UI design of your app. The development part starts in 1-2 weeks.

Featured works that we are proud of

These are some of our many excellent projects. Aren’t they great?

What our happy clients say

Dyson Robinson

Founder & CEO, Snypur


Webspace completed the platform successfully. It has had a tremendous impact within 90 days of its implementation and has enabled its users to scale their business significantly. The team is knowledgeable, courteous, and delivers a top-notch product.

Diana Yanchik

Principal, igen Learning


We wanted to create a multi-functional parent and student portal, design a modern and user-friendly website and mobile app, develop our branding, and create marketing materials. The attractive marketing materials doubled conversion rates, and the polished web portal impressed potential clients.

Sam Li

CTO, Zinc Platform


Webspace rapidly delivered an attractive website that aligned with the scope. They programmed reusable, error-free code. Flexible and receptive to feedback, they enthusiastically incorporated any requested changes. Communication and work ethic are two of the team’s strongest suits.

Glenn Ellul

Director, Creative Agency


The website looked fantastic, brought in plenty of leads and traffic, and bolstered the brand's public image. Webspace accommodated scope changes while giving solid advice and answering questions promptly. The team was knowledgeable, responsible, and transparent.

Roope Marttila

CTO, lawbot | USA


The team at Webspace did a great job and went the extra mile, both with the design and the coding! We’re very pleased with everything and would be happy to recommend them to people we know! Communication was excellent despite being in different time zones. They must love what they do, and it shows.

Canybec Sulayman

CEO, Trimed Agency


They have been doing this for a while, so it was a no brainer to go with them. The website functions as intended and looks to be a key asset for the client’s two-year digital strategy to gain investments.

Richardt Deleuran

CEO, TeamWork Family


Although they were initially meant to follow a provided design, Webspace demonstrated exceptional design skills and ultimately led the project themselves. They managed the project well, advising on different ways to save money and time. Customers can expect a professional approach.

Alex Rabens

Managing member, Mickey


The marketplace worked exactly as intended. Webspace distinguished themselves with their structured project management style and seamless integration with the internal team. They quickly learned new technical tools to deliver great results.

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